Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement

pool liner Leisure Contracting provides vinyl pool liner replacement services to residents in and around the Baltimore, MD area. With over 20 years of experience, we know pools inside and out. Vinyl pools are some of the most popular pools on the market, likely because of the cost. A vinyl pool is cheaper because it uses a liner to protect it, which is installed over the pool and should be maintained as much as possible to extend the lifetime of your pool and your wallet. As with everything in life, the pool liner can get severely damaged. In fact, it’s sometimes best to replace the liner entirely and start anew.

Why Would I Replace it?

Up until this point, your liner has likely served you well, so why would you want to replace it? Homeowners often replace the liner because their pool or the liner has suffered some sort of damage. The liner is meant to keep the water inside the pool at all times, so if your pool is leaking and you have a vinyl liner, it’s leaking somewhere. Some of the most common problems we find with liners that result in replacement include:
  • The liner is leaking and is beyond repair
  • Separations in the seams
  • The liner has stretched extensively beyond repair
  • Staining and discoloration
  • Water bubbles underneath the liner
The first 3 are problems that need to be taken care of quickly to ensure that you don’t waste any more money. The staining and discoloration, however, is a preference to the pool owner. If you have a vinyl pool then you understand the importance of a beautiful liner because that’s the main element of the pool that you look at. If your liner becomes ugly, faded, or stained from overuse or chemicals, then your pool becomes an eyesore and pool owners often replace it to look like new. Lastly, and most importantly, it can be cheaper to replace your liner than to repair it. Oftentimes, the labor and tools necessary to repair the liner piles up and it would be faster and easier to replace the liner. If you prefer to have your liner repaired, we also offer vinyl pool liner repair services.


At Leisure Contracting, we focus on customer service and are always on-time and prepared. When we replace your liner, we make sure that your pool does not get damaged in the process. We know all of the tips and tricks involved with getting a liner out and installing a new liner as fast and efficiently as possible. Many pool installers do not take care in their installations, but we make sure that the seams are locked and sealed watertight. Each vinyl pool liner replacement job involves the following:
  1. Draining the pool’s water
  2. Inspection of the integrity of the pool
  3. Smoothing out the edges of the pool’s interior
  4. Installing of the new vinyl liner
  5. Faceplate replacements
  6. Tightening, smoothing, and double-checking of the liner installation
  7. Refilling the pool’s water
If your pool is drained prior to our arrival, we will not include drainage in the cost of the project. If you notice any problems with the installation, call us at 410-242-2264 and we’ll get it taken care of!

How Long Does it Take?

The replacement process only takes about 1 business day. The process of draining the pool is included in this time, but the refilling process may take a bit longer depending on the pump’s (or hose’s) speed. If we notice any issues during the installation process, we will make you aware of the problem and whether it should be addressed at that point or not. After installation, liners generally last about 10 years, but heavy use and improper chemical balancing can reduce the lifespan.

How Much Does it Cost?

Depending on the size of your pool, the cost varies. The cost of your replacement is based on:
  • Permits and state regulation fees
  • Material costs
  • Labor costs
  • Equipment delivery
  • Draining/refilling if applicable
  • Square-footage; the larger the pool, the more expensive it can get
If you are a pool owner in Maryland and are need your vinyl pool’s liner replaced, then contact Leisure Contracting today for a more precise estimate.

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