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Swimming Pool Trends 2014

Swimming pools have been around for thousands of years. As time goes on they have evolved from being holes in the ground used for bathing to being used in competitive sports and for pure relaxation. Since the 1920s, however, we see the rise of the pools we see today. Resorts, homes, and public recreation centers have all taken the dive of installing a swimming pool. There are thousands of options of swimming pools and their accessories from vinyl lining to hot tubs on the side. Some of them are very popular and will seem to continue as a trend until they become standard. Here are the current swimming pool trends we’ll see this summer of 2014.

Patios and Decks

swimming pool

The swimming pool industry is seeing a rise in patios and decks being installed alongside their pools. These patios provide a great way to relax at the pool without really being in the pool. People most commonly use bricks, cement, and wood decks to surround their swimming pools. These give the pool a more inviting appearance and are often used by homeowners who host pool parties. Some go as far as adding other pool features such as a diving board.

Moving Water/Exercise Pools

These pools are often called resistance pools as well and are intended to have constant water current which pushes the swimmer as fast as they can swim. You’ll also find more powerful versions of these at some resorts and waterparks which use them for surfing indoors. We’re seeing a rise in these because they double as a family-oriented pool when the water is not pushing. The power can also be tuned down a little so it doesn’t push, but still gives the feeling of a current in your pool.

Glass Tiling

glass tiling

Glass tiles are becoming a huge trend in the swimming pool industry, likely because of the aesthetics. They can be highly customized, making them an attractive option for those building custom pools. It’s believed that the main reason they are becoming a trend (and likely a standard in the future) is because the traditional methods (ceramic and porcelain) have a shorter lifespan. Glass tiles are surprisingly more durable against stains, cracks, dents, and even the chemicals in the pools.

Hot Tubs

hot tub and pool

We’ve all seen them: the swimming pool with the hot tub attached. Hot tubs are a huge trend because they provide that heated option to relax after a long day of swimming. The hot tubs are generally placed on the edge or off to the side across a path of glass tiles, but we’re seeing a variety of placements in 2013-2014. Now we’re seeing them right next to the stairs, elevated above the pool with steps going up, lowered below the pool, and even dead in the center. There are endless options with hot tubs from massaging jets to intentional spillage.

Weird Shapes

wavy swimming pool

Another interesting trend is the physical layout of the swimming pool. In the past, most installations were just rectangular pools, but in 2013 we saw a huge increase in geometric shapes to differentiate one pool from another. The trend is continuing in 2014 and is expected to stay popular for years to come. It’s assumed that these weird shapes started as a way to maneuver around other objects, such as trees, rocks, and other features like waterfalls safely and beautifully. This would lead to a design that literally wraps around the object, making it a part of the design of the pool. Most often, these designs turn out to be the “wavy” design. The wavy edges are popular because the idea of waves is associated with swimming pools and the ocean, making it appropriate for the style of a pool. Some of the geometric shapes that are in demand in 2014 are L-shaped and octagonal pools, along with the traditional rectangular and square pools.

Add-On Features

LED fountain in pool

Next to the hot tub trend, add-on features are becoming the most popular trend. These water features include jets, LED lighting, waterfalls, water slides, and giant rocks. Most often they are installed for aesthetic appeal, but sometimes are used to have some fun. For example, giant rocks are a common choice for a backdrop, but kids will climb the rocks and cannonball into the pool because it’s fun and different. LED lighting makes for a beautiful night-time pool. Oftentimes, LED lighting inside the pool is found in combination with exterior lighting options like tiki torches.

Choosing the Option for Your Pool

If you’re thinking of installing a new pool or changing up your pool, there are thousands of options out there for you to choose from. But in the end it’s your pool and you should choose what works for you. If you want to have a slide, but have a different geometric shape from all the rest, then look at your space and see what could work. Try to come up with your own design trend and stand out from the rest!

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