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Swimming Pool Designs

Deciding on the design of your in-ground swimming pool is one of the most interesting parts of the pool installation process. We will work with you to design the pool that best matches you and your backyard. Swimming pool designs are based on a few factors, such as:
  • Your Preference
  • Backyard Size (width and length)
  • Vegetation Locations
  • Pipes Underground
Some backyards are limited by plumbing and sewage lines running underground in the backyard (depth) and vegetation such as trees and large bushes (width and length).

Inconvenient Trees

In some cases, having trees in the backyard makes standard pool design complicated and you’ll have to start from scratch, but it’s possible to make those trees work for you, not against you. Some pools, such as the one below, use trees as a design method and design the pool around the tree. Keep in mind that larger trees will have larger roots and may cause more problems than solutions. swimming pool design In most cases, you’ll have to use a freeform design to get around the trees, but it can give your pool a more natural feel as well.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Here is a list of some common designs to consider:
  • Square/Rectangle PoolsThey are exactly what you’re thinking, but can be narrow and long for swimmers looking to practice. It’s also common for rectangle pools to also have an inclined floor for a deeper pool as you go in. For larger yards, this is a very common choice.
  • Freeform Pools – The wavy edge design gives these pools a lot of flexibility in where to place them. To avoid confusion among friends and family, the pool is often kept at the same depth throughout, with the exception of the walk-in entrance, but it does not have to be this way at all. The beauty of freeform pools is the ability to design and maneuver the pool to go wherever you want.

freeform pool

  • Circular Pools – Circular pools are often designed to match the rest of the backyard and patio, but are often just a preferred shape. One interesting idea to do with circular pools is to wrap the pool around a backyard attraction.

circular pool

  • Infinity Pools – An infinity pool is also called a vanishing edge pool. It’s where the water is always filled up to the top where the edge is nearly impossible to find, until you are on top of it. The water that overflows is constantly refilled in some way, such as a fountain.Girl in Infinity Pool
  • Add-ons – Hot tub additions, waterfalls, rocks, fountains, slides, diving boards, and other features can be added on to your pool that will each add a sign of luxury and comfort to the pool and your backyard. Oftentimes, the features work out as a beautiful and fun add-on.

swimming pool waterfall

  • Internal DesignsYou can also add some internal designs, such as designing the floor of your pool. You can also color your pools to be various shades of blue, green, or whichever color you prefer for your pool. LED lighting options can combine with your colors and designs to make for a truly amazing design. Another option is to use the natural surroundings to make your pool stand out, as was done in Ik-Kil Cenote Chichen Itza in Mexico. Of course, in this case it is more of a natural pool than a man-made pool; however, it provides an aura that you can create in your own backyard.natural pool

What Works For You?

Discovering the swimming pool design that works best for you is a bit more complicated than a simple yes or no. We will work with you and talk through all of your options and decide on what swimming pool design is best for you. Contact us to have us come out and do some measurements and find out how much flexibility you have. Let us know any ideas you have come up with on your own and all of the features you would like your pool to have and we’ll let you know how to make it work. Don’t forget to check out the recent swimming pool trends in 2014!

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