Vinyl Pool Installation

What do you do to beat the heat on hot summer days? Swimming pools are one of the most common ways to cool off, but many people aren’t near a public pool. Others just don’t want to use them. Leisure Contracting provides vinyl pool installation services for residents in the Baltimore, MD area. Vinyl pools are a great way to cool off, spend quality time with your family, and to have fun! vinyl pool installation

Why Install a Vinyl Pool?

In-ground vinyl pools are a common choice among Maryland residents because of the cost. Vinyl pools are very affordable and are easy to maintain. The most important element of the maintenance of in-ground vinyl pools are that you have to replace the vinyl liner about every 10 years or so. We understand this can be a hassle, which is why we offer vinyl pool liner replacement and repair services as well. Oftentimes our customers have small children and pets that they are worried about falling in. We can install Loop-Loc baby fences and pool covers to ensure the safety of your family. Vinyl pools make a nice addition to any home because they improve property value, and make for an easy way to get the family together outside.

In-ground Vinyl Pool Features

  • Aesthetics – In-ground vinyl pools are always beautiful to look at and will catch the eyes of any guests or neighbors in the area. They add luxury to your backyard.
  • Affordable – In-ground vinyl pools are very affordable in comparison to other types of pools available.
  • Quick Installation – Part of what makes them affordable is the quick installation times. They are the easiest of the pools to install.
  • Design Flexibility – Some residents don’t want to install a pool because they feel it could never fit in their yard; however, with the design options available, it may actually be possible. In-ground vinyl pools can be installed and built in many different shapes. Contact us to find out which one works best for you!
  • Fun – Pools are always fun for the whole family! There are countless things to do in a pool from pure relaxation to a game of Marco Polo, so you’ll never have a dull moment.

Why Choose Leisure Contracting?

At Leisure Contracting, we have been a pool installer for Maryland residents for over 20 years. After we install your vinyl pool, you won’t need to call anyone else because we provide any and all pool-related needs ranging from installation to repair, opening and closing, and even maintenance. We know pools and can even provide recommendations on what works for you in your personal backyard. Our experience gives us the confidence to say we are experts in our field and would love to show you that installing a vinyl pool could be a great move for your family! Dive on in and contact us for a quote and more information on making your backyard the best hangout spot in the neighborhood!

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