Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Do you love relaxing by the pool in the summer but find that your neighborhood pool is just too crowded and noisy (not to mention kind of nasty)? This year, skip the crowds and consider installing a fiberglass swimming pool right in your own backyard! Fiberglass swimming pools are extremely easy to set up and are guaranteed to provide summer after summer of exercise, entertainment and relaxation – with no risk of stray splash bombs! If you’ve been thinking about installing a fiberglass swimming pool in your Baltimore, Maryland backyard, call Leisure Contracting today!
fiberglass pool installation
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Why should you install a fiberglass swimming pool?

For ease of installation, maintenance and use, you just can’t beat a fiberglass swimming pool. Unlike shotcrete or gunite pools, which need to be poured and formed onsite, fiberglass pools offer a wide range of pre-molded swimming pool shapes to choose from – once you’ve decided on the one you like best, it can be fully installed and ready to be enjoyed in as little as two weeks! Fiberglass swimming pools offer a number of other benefits that your Baltimore, Maryland family is sure to love. For one thing, fiberglass swimming pools are much smoother than concrete pools – no more split toes, scraped noses or snagged bathing suits! In addition, their flexibility allows fiberglass swimming pools to adapt much more easily to expanding and contracting soil, making them more resistant to cracks than concrete pools. In addition to their ease of installation and enhanced durability, inground fiberglass swimming pools are available in a wide range of colors that can suit any backyard! Ready to jump in? Call the swimming pool installation experts at Leisure Contracting today, and we’ll have you swimming in no time!

Fiberglass Swimming Pool Maintenance

If you’ve already taken the plunge and installed a fiberglass swimming pool in your Baltimore, Maryland backyard, congratulations! Now you need someone to take care of it! At Leisure Contracting, we offer a huge variety of swimming pool maintenance services that will keep your pool clean and safe for years. Our swimming pool services include:
  • Swimming Pool openings & closings
  • Liner replacements for inground above ground swimming pools
  • Vinyl swimming pool line repairs
  • Weekly & bi-weekly swimming pool maintenance
  • Filter service &amp replacement
  • Pump and heater replacement
We can also fill pools, install concrete decking, replace tiles and resurface plaster – no matter what your swimming pool maintenance needs are, Leisure Contracting has you covered!

Swimming Pool Products

So the pool is installed, and it’s being properly maintained – all that’s left is the swimming pool products that make it yours. At Leisure Contracting, we offer a variety of swimming pool products that will keep your pool safe and fun for the whole family, including:
  • Loop-Loc baby fence
  • Loop-Loc pool covers
  • Pool skimmers and replacement
At Leisure Contracting, our goal is to be your one-stop shop in Baltimore, Maryland for all pool related needs during the summer. If you’re ready to skip the crowds and relax in a brand new fiberglass swimming pool, or if you need pool maintenance or any pool products for your Baltimore area backyard pool, call us today! MHIC #85655

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