Concrete Pool Construction

We all love to cool down on those hot summer days, but community pools just don’t have the atmosphere (not to mention the health) that we picture them to have! Swimming pools have been bringing families together for many years, and we want to keep this tradition going. Pools are a great way to get the family outside in the backyard, while relaxing and exercising, and having fun all at the same time. We at Leisure Contracting provide Maryland with in-ground concrete pool installation services to allow you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the sun! concrete pool installation

In-ground Concrete Pool Features

  • Aesthetics – Concrete pools are oftentimes considered to be the best looking type of pool. They give your backyard a sleek new look with numerous easy-to-add accessories available. Many Baltimore residents use the concrete as a deck platform and tan by the pool, or will even build their own deck around it.
  • Design Flexibility – The #1 feature of concrete pools is that the design is simply the most flexible of them all. A concrete pool can be made to match any pool size and shape you can imagine. Some people want to be able to dive into their pool on one end, but sit down in another; this is completely possible with concrete pools.
  • Fun – Concrete pools are a blast to swim in! With larger sizes being common choices, you can have a larger-than-average pool to play games, dive, or have a large pool party over.
Your new concrete pool is sure to leave you happy all summer long. Concrete in-ground pools are notorious for being durable and long-lasting. An in-ground concrete pool is a common choice for residents with a luxurious backyard looking to add a beautiful new pool. Concrete pools are perfect for this! A lot of times, a concrete pool blends into your yard and seems as if it has always been there. Part of this is due to the design flexibility available for concrete pools. When we install a concrete pool, we pour the cement into a shape that you agree to. Once the shape is made and the concrete is poured, you have your concrete shell for your dream pool. Concrete pools can be easily customized from this point in terms of additions and add-on features, such as fountains, beach entries, and a lovely new deck! If you’re planning on installing a concrete pool, let us know what design you had in mind!

Why Choose Leisure Contracting?

At Leisure Contracting, we have been installing and repairing in-ground pools for over 2 decades now. This experience enables us to offer you expert advice on how to go about installing or choosing your concrete pool design. We noticed that families were worried about their children and pets falling in on accident, which is why we now have Loop-Loc child gates and covers available for all of our pools to prevent any accidents around the pool. If you need help or recommendations on what size, depth, and design you should choose for your in-ground concrete pool, then contact us for some advice! We’re happy to talk your plans over with you and map out your new dream pool!

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