Pool Services

Pool Installations

Leisure Contracting provides pool installations of all types to Maryland residents. A new pool can make your backyard its own summer vacation spot!  Concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass options are available. Learn more about Swimming Pool Installations >>

Loop-Loc safety covers:

loop loc pool coverLoop-Loc pool covers are some of the safest and most effective ways to keep your pool covered during the off season. They keep the leaves and debris out of your pool so that your spring clean-up is much easier. Leisure Contracting can install loop lock safety covers and can come out and cover or uncover your pool every season! Learn more about Baltimore, Maryland Loop-Loc safety covers >>

Pool openings and pool closings:

Swimming pool openings involve a lot more than just popping the cover off and jumping in – unless you like swimming in green muck! From skimmer cleaning to pump maintenance to chlorine and pH balancing, we’ll take care of everything you need to get your pool ready for swim season! Similarly, pool closings are much more complicated than just throwing the cover back on. Maryland gets very cold winters – if you don’t properly winterize your swimming pool, you could find yourself with some real problems come the first freeze. Learn more about Baltimore, Maryland pool opening and closing >>

Vinyl pool liner repair:

Is your pool liner bead popping out of the track? Is the pool liner leaking or the color fading? These problems are common as pool liners get older. Leisure Contracting can repair any problems with your pool liner to ensure that you get years of enjoyment out of your backyard swimming pool. Learn more about our Baltimore, Maryland pool liner repair services >>

Weekly swimming pool maintenance:

Do you need your skimmers cleaned, the pool vacuumed and your chemicals balanced? Call Leisure Contracting! We can provide weekly and bi-weekly pool maintenance services to keep your Baltimore, Maryland swimming pool crystal clear and safe for your family. Learn more about our Baltimore, Maryland pool maintenance services >>

Pool filter service and replacement:

Having a clean, working pool filter is crucial to keeping your swimming pool clean and healthy all summer long. If you need pool filter maintenance or cleaning services, or if your pool filter is faulty and needs replacement, call Leisure Contracting today! Learn more about our Baltimore, Maryland pool filter services >>

Pump and heater replacement:

Pumps and heaters are some of the most important parts of your pool, and if they break down you’ll need to fix them right away! If you need swimming pool pump or heater maintenance or replacement, call Leisure Contracting today! Learn more about out Baltimore, Maryland pool pump and heater services >> No matter what your pool service needs are, call Leisure Contracting. We have a variety swimming pool services available to guarantee that your family will get the maximum enjoyment out of your swimming pool year after year.

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