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clean swimming poolThe warm spring weather is here and the hot summer weather is right around the corner. The best way to cool off in the summer is to simply jump into your own inground swimming pool. Most pool owners are ready to open their pools up for the season. If you’re about to open your pool up, then here are some quick tips on how to get your pool ready for summer!

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning time is here and that means it’s time to break out the chlorine! Over the fall and winter seasons, your pool has likely lost water and has leaves, dirt, and other grimy substances in it. It’s a pretty nasty sight and takes about a week in total to finish cleaning. Here’s a list of cleaning tips for your pool:
  • Clean the filter – As obvious as it sounds, it’s one of the most crucial pieces to the cleaning process. This is not a one-time thing either; be sure to clean your filter at least every day. We recommend a few times in the first couple of days just to be sure.
  • Remove debris – Leaves, sticks, acorns, and other debris are likely floating around on top of your pool. Grab a skimmer and remove all debris sitting on top, especially around the filter. This debris can clog your filter and is a real eyesore to leave floating around! It’ll only get in the way for later steps.
  • Vacuuming – If you have never used or purchased a pool vacuum before, now is the time. Suck up all of the dirt and debris sitting on the bottom of the pool and try to remove as much dirt from the water as possible. This is a much better and more affordable option than refilling your pool entirely. Besides, you’ll have to remove the dirt from the pool with or without the water in it! This should only be done in the final stages of preparation, as the cover should remain on until that point!

Chlorine and pH Levels

Unfortunately, your pool is not clean just because the dirt is removed. In order for your pool to be safe to swim in the chemical levels should all be ideal. Over the winter, your pH levels will change significantly, making your water unhealthy. It’s vital to your pool’s health to keep the pH levels around 7.2, if possible. Most pH kits come with 2 solutions: 1 to lower the level and 1 to increase the level. Use whichever you need in your pool. The other most common level that needs to be adjusted is the chlorine levels, which should stay around 1ppm. Most pool maintenance kits come with instructions and all of the necessary chemicals to test and treat your pool, but it’s always best to have us come open your pool for the season. We will ensure your pH levels, chlorine levels, alkalinity levels, and calcium hardness levels are all exactly where they should be.

Final Stages

In the final stages of the pool opening process, the cover should be fully removed. From here you should do more debris removal and cleaning of the filter. In the final stages we highly recommend hopping in with a pool vacuum and cleaning out the dirt. The chlorine should clean up all of the harmful bacteria, dirt, and any remaining grime left on the edges. From this point it’s all about waiting a couple of days or so for the water to be completely clean. Before hopping in, check the chemical levels again to ensure they are good-to-go. Add more chemicals to balance the levels out, if necessary. When your filter seems to be clearing up and does not need to be cleaned constantly, then it’s a good assumption to jump in. If the water’s clear and the levels are good, then it’s time to jump in and cool off!

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