Pool Pump and Heater Repair and Replacement

There’s nothing more refreshing than diving into a clean, well circulated pool heated to a comfortable 85F. Of course, there’s nothing LESS refreshing than diving into a pool you think is 85F, only to find out that your pool heater is broken! If your pool heater has stopped working or if your pool pump has stopped circulating water, call Leisure Contracting today!

Pool Heater Repair & Replacement

When you jump in your pool on a hot summer day, you expect it to be a little chilly – how else are you supposed to cool off? That said, jumping into 65F water can be less than refreshing – in fact, it can feel downright freezing! If your pool heater has called it quits, call Leisure Contracting to get your pool heater back in gear. Our swimming pool heater repair experts can diagnose your pool heater’s problem and can fix it or replace it with a new pool heater so your relaxing dip never turns into a cold shock!

There are a few things that can go wrong with a pool heater, including:

Your pool heater won’t reach the proper temperature – if your pool heater won’t get to the temperature you want, call Leisure Contracting. You could have a problem with your thermostat or a faulty high limit switch, which prevents your pool from getting too hot – unfortunately, when it breaks it can prevent your pool from getting hot enough!

Your pool heater cycles on and off too frequently – if your pool heater cycles on and off frequently, you may have a dirty filter, a closed valve, reversed water connection or a pressure switch out of adjustment. No matter what the problem is, Leisure Contracting can fix it!

Pool Pump Repair & Replacement

Your pool pump is designed to circulate water through your pool, filtering it and making sure the chemicals are evenly distributed throughout. So needless to say, a problem with your pool pump is something you’ll want to take care of right away!

There is a lot that can go wrong with a pool pump. For example:

Your pool pump can leak – one of the most common pool pump problems is that the thread fitting that carries water out of the pump can start to shrink (because of the cold winters and hot summers), allowing water to drip, run and spray out of it. A leak in your pool pump can cause your pool water level to drop severely and can lead to improperly balanced chemicals and dirty, unfiltered pool water. If you have a leak in your pool pump and need pool pump repair or replacement, call Leisure Contracting today!

Your pool pump has air in it – air in your pool pump can cause serious problems when you are trying to move water through the system. In fact – it makes it impossible.  There are a couple ways that air can get into your pool pump: through the skimmer weir, through the pump lid basket or even through the pool itself if the water level is too low. If your pool pump has stopped moving water and you can see grit and debris collecting on the top of the water, call Leisure Contracting – we can find the source of your pool pump problem and repair it right away.

Your pool pump motor hums but won’t start – if your pool pump motor won’t even turn on, call Leisure Contracting. Your pool pump motor’s impeller may be clogged with debris, or the motor starter might be fried, or you just might need a new pump motor. No matter what your pool pump problem, we can take care of it and get you back to swimming again in no time!

No matter what goes wrong with your Baltimore, Maryland pool heater or pool pump, the swimming pool experts at Leisure Contracting can help! If you need pool heater repair or replacement, or pool pump services, call us today!

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