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Baltimore, Maryland Pool Opening Services

If it’s Memorial Day in the Baltimore, Maryland area, that can only mean one thing: it’s time to start thinking about opening the pool! Of course, opening your backyard swimming pool on your own can be a hassle – just getting the cover off is a pain, not to mention the pool cleaning, reinstallation of the pool ladders and pumps and adding and balancing the pool chemicals! At Leisure Contracting, we want to take all the hassle out of your pool opening. Our pool opening services include:

  • Removal and storage of your pool cover, tubes and winterization equipment
  • Reinstallation of all pool accessories, including ladders, diving boards and handrails
  • Relighting of the pool heater pilot and reconnection of the chlorinator, timer and cleaner (we’ll leave the heater off, just relight the pilot)
  • Inspection and adjustment of water chemistry

Our pool opening crews have all the tools and equipment necessary to get your swimming pool primed and ready for the summer season. If it’s time to open your pool in Baltimore, Maryland, call Leisure Contracting today!

Baltimore, Maryland Pool Closing Services

If that October nip is causing you to stay indoors more often, it might be time to say goodbye to the sparkling blue waters of your Baltimore, Maryland backyard pool for the season. At Leisure Contracting, we can perform full pool closing services, including:

  • Reapplication of the pool cover, tubes and winterization equipment
  • Removal of pool accessories, including ladders, handrails and diving boards
  • Winterization of all pool equipment, including the chlorinator, pump and filter
  • Checking and adjusting the pool chemicals
  • Cleaning the salt cell
  • Lowering the water level

If you need pool opening or closing services in Baltimore, Maryland, call Leisure Contracting today. We can take care of all the details to make sure your pool is sparkling and ready for summer or prepared for a long winter hibernation.

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