Pool Filter Service & Replacement

If you have a swimming pool in your Baltimore, Maryland backyard, you know how important it is to have a pool filter – no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to keep all the grit, dust and dirt from entering your pool, clouding the water and leading to things like algae growth. At Leisure Contracting, we offer professional pool filter maintenance and replacement services so you can enjoy a full summer of clean, clear water.

Types of Pool Filters

There are three types of pool filters, all designed to keep your pool clean and clear – albeit through slightly different methods: Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Pool Filters – often called the HEPA filters of the swimming pool world, DE filters are largely considered to be the most effective pool filters available. Made of extremely fine aquatic fossils, called diatoms, DE filters will filter out particles as small as five microns in size. This leads to water that is cleaner and safer than that provided by any other type of pool filter. Because they filter so much out of the water, DE filters require frequent backwashing in order to stay effective. That’s where Leisure Contracting comes in! We can provide all the backwashing services your DE pool filter needs to work at its optimal level to keep your pool crystal clear all summer long. Sand Pool Filters – the easiest pool filters to own and maintain, sand filters use graded sand (bet you didn’t see that coming) to catch any particles larger than 40 microns in size (far below the threshold for visible dirt and dust), preventing them from clouding up your water. Sand filters need to be backwashed periodically so they don’t clog up, so if you have one, call Leisure Contracting! We can provide sand pool filter service to make sure your filters are clean and will be able to keep your pool looking good all summer long. Cartridge Pool Filters – the most popular type of pool filters, cartridge style pool filters operate similar to coffee filters – basically, water passes through a specially designed “paper” filter that catches particles as small as 25 microns in size. The great advantage with cartridge pool filters is that they don’t have to be backwashed to clean – when it comes time, you can just take them out and replace them with a new one. Doesn’t get much simpler than that! Or you can have us take them out and clean them and put them right back into service. Many customers utilize the “two-set” concept – meaning they own two sets of filters. When it comes time to replace the dirty cartridges, clean ones are ready to go. We’ll clean your dirty ones so they’ll be ready to go for your next filter change!

Pool Filter Service

With proper care and maintenance, sand and DE filters can last for many, many years, and at Leisure Contracting, we want to make sure your pool filter lasts as long as possible! If you’re just opening your pool, call us for pool filter service so we can get your pool cover removed and cleaned, your pump primed and your filtration ready for the season ahead. And if you need a backwash or just need to make sure everything is operating properly, let us know! We can perform full pool filter service to make sure you get years of reliable work out of your pool filter.

Pool Filter Replacement

Has your pool filter had its run and decided to call it quits? This can be extremely frustrating, unless you call Leisure Contracting! Our expert pool filter service technicians will be able to assess the condition of your pool and recommend a pool filter replacement that will give you years of reliable service and keep your pool clean for a long time to come. If you need pool filter service or replacement for your Baltimore, Maryland swimming pool, call Leisure Contracting today!

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