Loop-Loc Safety Pool Covers

loop loc safety testAre you looking for a safe and virtually maintenance free way to keep your pool clean during the off season? Then you need a Loop-Loc pool safety cover! Loop-Loc pool covers are the easiest pool covers to install and are guaranteed to provide years of protection to your swimming pool during the winter season. If you’re ready to experience the benefits of installing a Loop-Loc pool cover on your Baltimore, Maryland swimming pool, call Leisure Contracting today!

Benefits of Loop-Loc Pool Covers

Incredibly strong and designed to fit on almost any type of pool deck, Loop-Loc pool covers offer numerous benefits that you just don’t get with other solid pool covers. Some of these benefits include:
  • A patented bracket system that fits most types of decks and allows the pool cover to go on and off in a snap
  • Mesh design that lets rainwater through so you don’t get any standing water that could freeze or lead to mold – but keeps all the leaves and debris out of your pool
  • Non-corrosive stainless steel springs so your pool cover will last for years
  • High quality, super strong polyester bonded thread that can literally support the weight of an elephant (meaning that even if your children or pets wander onto your Loop-Loc pool cover, they won’t fall through)

Loop-Loc Pool Cover Installation

If you want to make the switch from a solid pool cover to a Loop-Loc safety pool cover, or if you already have a Loop-Loc cover and you want it installed, call Leisure Contracting! We can install a Loop-Loc pool cover on almost every shape of pool deck so your swimming pool will be safe from critters and debris – and your children and pets will be safe from falling into the pool – all winter long.

Loop-Loc Pool Cover Removal

Ready to pop the Loop-Loc pool cover off your pool and do some swimming? Leisure Contracting can help with that too! The best thing about Loop-Loc pool covers is that they are easy to maintain! Unlike solid pool covers, Loop-Loc pool covers require no heavy scrubbing or powdering to get clean – they just need to be hosed off, dried out, folded up and put away. It doesn’t get any simpler and easier than that! If you want to make your pool safer for your kids by installing a Loop-Loc pool cover, or if you’re ready to take the cover off and enjoy a summer of fun in your Baltimore, Maryland pool, call the pool experts at Leisure Contracting today!

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