Kayak Above-Ground Pools Installation

We are proud to say that Leisure Contracting is a licensed installer of Kayak above-ground pools. Kayak has grown to be the biggest name in the above-ground pool industry because of their amazing products and expertise. Installing an above-ground pool is another step closer to turning your home into the best hangout spot in your neighborhood. With numerous uses, a pool can give you and your family an exciting and relaxing alternative to your everyday life. The carefree lifestyle associated with pools is something no one can put a price tag on. Although, when you’re comparing price tags, above-ground pools are among the best choices available. Families come for the savings. They stay for the quality. Kayak pools are some of the most stable, reliable pools out there today. Their pool experts have done tests and heavy research in what materials work best for what purposes. Because of this, repairs are far and few between and is all backed by some outstanding warranties.

One-stop Dealer and Installer

Leisure Contracting is a one-stop dealer and installer of Kayak pools, meaning you only have to talk to us in order to get the pool up and running. The installation process has multiple steps which can be completed in 1-2 business days. Generally, we can complete the process in just 1 full work day. Let us know if a particular time and day works best for you and we can work our schedules around to see how we can get it done.pool water We can install either type of Kayak pool:
  • Elite
  • Premier
Please note that all of Kayak’s pools are rectangular by default. For other shapes, you should consider installing an in-ground pool. These are fully customizable from shape to colors and everything in between.


Kayak above-ground pools come with a variety of great features:
  • Non-slip surfaces
  • Handrails
  • 30-year pool liner warranty
  • Dual-filtration system
  • Guaranteed structural stability
We install pools of all sizes, and we can also do the measurements before-hand to get an idea of what size pool you’d be looking at. A lot of factors play into the sizing of a pool so it’s good to have this information before you begin construction.


All of Kayak’s pools are of the highest quality and the liners are as heavy-duty as they come. It’s highly unlikely that a repair is needed in terms of structural damage or liner wear-and-tear damages; however, these can happen, along with other types of damages. Leisure Contracting is fully equipped to repair any damages from the liner to the pool pump and filter. Just give us a call and we’ll come out to get you up and running in no time!

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Contact Leisure Contracting today for more information on installing your new favorite hangout spot! Check out Kayak's corporate website. Check out the Kayak Katalogue.

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