In-ground Pool Installation in Columbia, MD

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Summertime means 90-105ºF temperatures for us to bake in. Leisure Pools doesn’t like watching our neighbors boiling alive on the sidewalk, so we began installing pools over 20 years ago. Throw your family, friends, and neighbors a pool party or cookout to give them some fun, too. Leisure Pools provides inground pool installation in Columbia, MD. We have the experience and the knowledge necessary to get your pool up and running in no time at all. Cool off this summer with one of the following types of swimming pools:

In-ground Pool Installation

We are dedicated to each project we work on and provide high quality customer service. Let us know what you want and we’ll find a way to make it happen. Our pool installers are experienced professionals that know pools inside and out. When you call us, one of the first thing’s we’ll ask you is which type of pool you are interested in. The type of pool means a lot for future costs, maintenance, and installation costs. The pool installation process follows these general stages:
  1. Pool Inquiry – Give us a call or contact us through the website and let us know you’re interested.
  2. Consultation and Quote – During our conversation, we’ll ask you what type of pool you’re interested and what size yard you have. We’ll give you some designs to choose from based on the type of pool that works for you. Our quote will give you an accurate estimate on what the project will cost.
  3. Inspections and Permits – Once we have approval from you to begin, the next stage is to inspect the yard and get the permits to begin working.
  4. Preparation of the Pool – Using the exact measurements we’ll dig the hole in which the pool will fit.
  5. Installation Process – Lastly, we’ll install the pool to your specifications and fill the pool with water (optional).
Each type of pool has its own benefits, so ask us which one you think would best match your situation.
  • Vinyl pools are the least expensive of the 3, followed by concrete and then fiberglass as the most expensive option.
  • Concrete pools can be formed to any shape you’d like, whereas vinyl and fiberglass pools are generally found in specific styles and shapes and cannot be adjusted as much.
  • Fiberglass pools are the most attractive option to most Maryland residents because of the small (and nearly non-existent) maintenance costs, as there is no liner or resurfacing required in its lifetime.

In-ground Pool Repair and Maintenance

Most of Leisure Pools’ customers give a call further down the road asking for us to do basic maintenance on their pools. All pools require a good amount of maintenance, but as your local swimming pool company, we’re ready to give you whatever you need to keep your pool running in healthy and safe conditions. Some maintenance services include:
  • Pool cleaning
  • Chemical balancing
  • Liner replacement
We can also make any additions to your swimming pool, such as hot tubs, ladders, steps, fountains, and LED lighting, depending on the pool. We recommend these be added into the initial estimate for easier installation and a lower price. If your pool does need repairs at some point, we can come out, diagnose, and solve the problem. Without proper maintenance and care, the pool’s pump can suffer from serious damage. If you have a heated pool installed, it can be very dangerous to attempt to repair the hardware and is best to leave it to trained professionals. Some common repairs we find are:

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