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Bethesda residents understand Maryland’s weather very well. We have cold, hot, and about 2 months of “in-between”. Summer is the time of hot and humid weather, which makes swimming the ideal family activity. Leisure Contracting provides in-ground pool installation in Bethesda, MD for homeowners looking to add some more family fun in the backyard. We have 20 years of experience installing and repairing in-ground pools in Bethesda and throughout the state. We strive to be on-time and dedicated to making your experience the best possible. We install the following types of pools:

Types of Pools

Choosing your pool is exciting but requires a lot of thought and consideration. To get you started, we’ll give you a quick unbiased rundown of all of the types of pools we offer:
  • Vinyl – Vinyl pools are the cheapest of the 3, but can require a bit more maintenance than the others, depending on how well you maintain your pool and how often you use it.
  • Concrete – Concrete pools are the middle-ground in terms of price. They can be molded into pretty much any shape, but cannot be adjusted once the installation is complete. Concrete pools need to be smoothed out to prevent cuts on you and your swimwear.
  • Fiberglass – Fiberglass pools are the most expensive of the 3, and for good reason. They are smoothed permanently, unlike concrete pools, and do not use a liner. They require nearly no maintenance or repairs. Fiberglass pools, however, are limited in their size and depths, so customization is extremely limited.

In-ground Pool Installation

Leisure Contracting has been Maryland’s pool experts for 20 years because we know pools inside and out. Your in-ground pool installation will be professionally managed with updates and changes directly from the project manager. We like to keep a line of communication open to ensure the project is completed in a timely manner. The pool installation process follows these general stages:
  1. Pool Inquiry – Give us a call or contact us through the website and let us know you’re interested.
  2. Consultation and Quote – During our conversation, we’ll ask you what type of pool you’re interested in and what size yard you have. We’ll give you some designs to choose from based on the type of pool that works for you. Our quote will give you an accurate estimate on what the project will cost.
  3. Inspections and Permits – Once we have approval from you to begin, the next stage is to inspect the yard and get the permits to begin working.
  4. Preparation of the Pool – Using the exact measurements and dig the hole in which the pool will fit in.
  5. Installation Process – Lastly, we’ll install the pool to your specifications and fill the pool with water (optional).

In-ground Pool Repair and Maintenance

No matter which pool you choose, there are some things that need to be done to keep your pool clean. Some pools require more maintenance than others, but all pools require:
  • Pool cleaning
  • Chemical balancing
  • Water level maintenance
Leisure Contracting also provides pool repair and maintenance services to residents in Bethesda, MD. If your pool’s motor stops working or is making unnatural noises, we will come out and take a look and see what’s wrong. In many cases, you can turn off and backwash the system to fix minor issues. All pool owners must clean their pool filters regularly to improve the life expectancy of their pump. Some common repairs include:
  • Light replacements
  • Pump repair
  • Liner repair
  • Leak repair
  • Tile replacement

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