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Welcome to Leisure Contracting, Maryland’s swimming pool source. Our pool contractors provide you with everything necessary for your in-ground pool, from installation and vinyl pool liners to upkeep and repair. Proudly offering Loop-Loc safety covers.

In-ground Swimming Pool Installation

Leisure Contracting provides an experienced Maryland swimming pool contractor that skillfully installs concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass in-ground pools in home backyards throughout the state. pool1-compressed

In-ground Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement

Our Maryland pool contractors understand that owning a home pool requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep, and vinyl pool liner replacement is one of the best ways to ensure that your in-ground pool lasts for years. Due to the sun and general wear and tear, it is recommended that you replace your in-ground vinyl pool liner every 10-12 years.

In-ground Vinyl Pool Liner Repair

Sometimes the vinyl pool liner only requires minimal repairs, such as minimal stretching to get the liner back into place. Other times the liner needs to be repaired because of leaks and water bubbles accumulating beneath the liner. Our Maryland pool contractors are trained in vinyl pool repairs and can get your pool swim-ready in no time!

Pool Covers

Pool covers not only keep leaves and other debris from falling into your pool, they provide safety during times when your in-ground pool is not in service.

Swimming Pool Repair and Maintenance

Our Maryland pool contractors are trained in swimming pool upkeep and repair, capable of repairing vinyl lining tears or pool leaks, as well as any other damage your pool may have incurred.

In-ground Pool Closings and Openings

Whether you’re closing your in-ground pool for the winter or opening it for spring, our Maryland pool contractors will ensure that your pool is properly prepared for any season.

Above-ground Pools

For homeowners looking for a more affordable pool option, we also offer above-ground pool installation. Currently, we only offer rectangular pools, but we offer pools of varying sizes. Let us know what kind of pool you're looking for! Contact us today for a quote on our Maryland swimming pool services: 410-242-2264

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